eSkillz Games December Report.

Here’s what’s been happening at eSkillz Games in December 2022: –


Happy New Year! December has been a very busy month for eSkillz Games as we look to start fundraising in January 2023. We have also hired some new team members and made changes to our social media presence. The Pool Beta is ongoing, we just released a new update with bug fixes, new features, and new pool tables and pool rooms. The general feeling is that while the markets are subdued, we will continue to focus on building, which means that the dates for the initial token sale and first NFT mint are being re-evaluated.


– Our main focus is still on the eSkillz Pool beta. The beta is available on PC, iOS and Android and we’ve seen a lot of activity on all formats and globally. The beta comes with practice mode, speed pool, colour pool, combo pool, AI opponents and PvP over the network. All modes except practice offer wagering. The beta is now open to anyone, so if you’d like to try it and get a free NFT, then please visit for details. At the end of the beta, players will be rewarded with an NFT according to how much XP they’ve grinded.

– We’ve hired a new coder to help progress the golf game and we hope to have something playable soon.

– The Metaverse project is growing steadily with more games and experiences being added all the time. We have also started to map out the cities to help us evaluate how many plots of land and what types of plots we can offer in the future.

Beta Test

The beta is now open to anyone, please visit for details. The beta offers the following: –

1] Practice

2] Arcade Mode — including: –

Speed Pool — pot as many balls as possible, in a limited time

Combo — pot as many balls in a row as possible, in a limited time

Colour — Pot each ball in the corresponding coloured pocket, in a limited time

In all Arcade modes, you can wager any amount you wish and have the chance to double your tokens.

3] Multiplayer: –

PvP — challenge another play over the network and set a wager

AI — take on the AI player in a wagered game

Everyone who takes part in the beta will receive a free eSkillz Pool Beta NFT. This will grant you free tokens and extra P&E yield in the released version. There will also be a special competition and tournament with cash prizes to enter.


We recently hired Hugo to manage the community and Josh to help with coding the Golf game.


We held our first AMA and have committed to holding regular AMA’s moving forwards.


Our Chief Marketing Officer has also started with us now, which, for the first time, gives us marketing experience and know-how. We’re excited to start putting marketing plans into action. For now we are currently identifying strategic partners and improving our foundations ready for our first real marketing push in Q1 2023.


We have hired one of the very best VC raisers to help bring in more capital. We are currently finalising documents and assets for them and they will start meeting investors soon.


We’re watching the markets and monitoring other projects to see what is working and what isn’t. We haven’t committed to anything yet as we continue to adapt our ideas and plans to best suit the current market conditions. For this reason we won’t announce anything until we’re completely happy and we know the community will love it. Expect to see more news here soon.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for the next progress report in a month.

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