What Are Play-To-Earn Games?

There’s nothing quite like getting going with a brand-new side hustle… a little money spinning idea will always be welcome, of course, particularly at the moment when there’s so much economic turmoil swirling all around us. Finding new and exciting ways to keep head well above water has never been more important!

It’s also never been more fun and these days you can actually get paid while you play your favourite games, which sounds like the perfect side hustle to us. Make money while gaming? Living the dream!

If you’d like to find out more about this latest development in the world of blockchain, then you’re certainly in the right place. Here’s a quick guide to help you get to grips with blockchain gaming and the benefits that it could bring.

What are play-to-earn games?

The world of online games has grown and evolved so much over the years that you’re now able to earn rewards via game play, such as crypto tokens, NFTs, weapons, skins and virtual land. Because these games are decentralised on the blockchain, in-game assets can be bought, transferred and sold in exchange for real cold hard cash.

How do play-to-earn games work?

It can be helpful to think of these games as virtual economies that exist in their own right, complete with their own crypto tokens that have been built on a blockchain like Ethereum or Solana.

Each game’s economy will be different from the last, but the essence remains the same and all in-game assets can be turned towards the real-world financial benefit of those who are playing.

In order to make money, you will need to earn digital assets within your chosen game and then sell them via an online marketplace.

Some games are completely free to play, but others require players to purchase assets first before the game can begin.

Are there differences between crypto, NFT and blockchain games?

Simply put, crypto games are those that use cryptocurrency, while NFT games are those that use NFTs. Blockchain games, meanwhile, encompass both NFT and crypto games.

How can blockchain games benefit players?

In the play-to-earn virtual world, completing tasks gives you the chance to monetise your actions on various marketplaces. Traditionally, only the game’s developers and those involved with the gaming platform itself stood to benefit financially… but this is no longer the case, as players can now trade in-game assets on secondary marketplaces for NFTs.

How do you get started with play-to-earn games?

To get going with play-to-earn gaming, you’ll need to set yourself up with a crypto wallet so you can connect to the game and start buying NFTs.

Joining a guild can help you navigate the landscape more successfully, allowing you to rent in-game assets and build wealth so you can start making purchases. This is also a great opportunity to make new friends and learn lots about this kind of gaming.