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Game. Earn. Bet. Own.

Vision – Unite the world in the joy of sports

Mission – Enable everyone to immerse themselves in a digital world of sports, with F2E/P2E/P2O gaming, ownership, viewing, wagering, economy and more, evolving players to profit in the eSportsverse


  • • Respect our players
  • • Reward our players
  • • Empower our players
  • • Build a new world


Take to the links, or rack the balls with eSkillz Games and get paid for playing!


eSkillz Golf


eSkillz Pool


eSkillz Soccer


Recently there have been a number of high-profile crypto casualties of hyper-inflation or hyper-deflation, where the token’s price goes up or down so violently it breaks the ecosystem. Play To Earn (P2E) projects are at risk of both because they are constantly paying out every day and huge price swings can be very problematic. Not too long ago Axie Infinity had to throttle the flow of SLP from P2E because the price of SLP had plummeted. Crypto and P2E are still relatively new, so there is almost no public information as to how to manage inflation and deflation.

Though over time as the platforms mature, they will improve. Here at eSkillz Games, as we plan our Tokenomics, it’s something we’ve been worried about and we are looking for ways to reduce these risks. To assist us, we hired a mathematician to help us understand the theories better and ultimately, to help us write algorithms to measure and control the rate of inflation. To read more, see here –

eSkillz Games is utilizing two tokens on the Polygon Network. The first token is $ESG and it’s the Governance token. The second token is $SKILL and it’s the Payment token. See below for the utility of both tokens.


‘eSkillz Games’ governance token
Token: ERC20
Platform: Polygon
Token Symbol: $ESG
Supply: 100,000,000 (capped)

ESG is the governance token & is for:

    • Exclusive payment method for yield generating or revenue boosting game/metaverse assets & enables buying in-game items as well at a discount
    • Yields $Skill when staked
    • Voting rights to participate in the DAO
    • Holding enables early access to new games


‘Skill’ gaming token
Token: ERC20
Platform: Polygon
Token Symbol: $SKILL
Supply: 1,000,000,000 (capped)

SKILL is for ‘everything in game’

  • Enables entry to games / tournaments
  • Reward for competitions
  • Currency for buying in-game items
  • Powers wagering




eSkillz Games is currently developing the Sportsverse. The first metaverse devoted to sports gaming, eSports, and everything sports. The Sportsverse will have it’s own fully formed economy, powered by $SKILL. The economy will include digital versions of all real world sports related jobs, including player, agent, coach, franchise owner, stadium owner, tournament operator, commentator, pundit, bookmaker, wearables retailer and more.



eSkillz Games is committed to setting up a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The ultimate aim of the DAO is to take over the running of the project. The DAO will also have the power to vote to burn or distribute tokens.

Meet The Team

Founding Members

Dean Baker -Co-founder and CEO
20 years experience in the Games Industry, developing sports games. Over 10 million units sold.
Richard M Smith - Co-founder and CDO
20 years experience in the Games Industry, developing sports and FPS games. Over 5 million units sold.
Chris Banwell -Co-Founder and CTO
Over 20 years experience developing games and financial software.
Corporate and Development

Ryan Leusch
Michael Hofbauer
Matia Lunardon
Dean DeLisle
Louie Rice
Alex Calm
React Developer
James Gillen
Unity 3D Developer
Ekrem Buğra Berdan
Unity 3D Developer
Aimen Guentri
2D and 3D artist
Hugo Neves
Community Manager

Road Map

Q4 - Qualifying
  • Incorporate eSkillz Games Limited
  • Define strategy for eSkillz games
Q1-2 - Group Stage
  • Assemble development team
  • Onboard COO and CFO
  • Begin Pool game
  • Begin Golf game
Q3-4 - Knockout
  • Begin Metaverse MVP development
  • Complete management structure
  • Release Pool game beta
Q1-2 - Semi-final
  • Begin fund raising
  • Private land sale
  • Release Pool on main network
  • First mint
  • Golf Beta
Q3-4 - Final
  • Release Golf game beta
  • $ESG Token Generation Event
  • Public Token Sale
  • License and publish two more sports games
  • Launch public Metaverse land sale
Q1-2 - World Champion
  • Launch eSkillz SportsVerse
  • Release Poker and Soccer
  • License third party games
  • Philanthropy Campaign



Technology Providers


Launch Platform



Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

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