eSkillz Games May Report

What an exciting month, here’s what has been going on at eSkillz Games this month:

Overview of May

May has been a great month at eSkillz, and momentum has increased in several areas. Here is a run-down.

  • We have hit our first funding goals as our insider investment round ends.
  • We launched on some popular game stores like We have seen over 500 game downloads from Ultra alone this month.
  • The finalisation of our first NFTs plans. In the coming months, we will launch our first NFTs. Our Discord community will be the first to know. 
  • We have committed part of our marketing budget to our first paid marketing campaign that will kick off in July. The recent investment into eSkillz Games allows us to complete our go-to-market strategy for 2023.


Over the last few months, we have recruited new devs and artists to help us achieve our targets for this year. And we have shown no signs of slowing down as we strengthen our team again this month. We have added talented and passionate team members to make the most of our internship program. Check out our LinkedIn announcements for more staff news and opportunities.

On top of this, we have commissioned official artwork for the Metaverse to enhance our environment’s overall experience and aesthetic appeal, making it more engaging and immersive. eSkillz Games is set soon, and we want to demonstrate that as best as possible via our in-game assets and environments.

Our big May game update has been pushed back to mid-June. We are calling this our “Last stealth update”, and for good reasons, that will be made clear very soon. This update includes but is not limited to:

  • Improved golf animations
  • Metakeep wallet integration
  • Tournaments 
  • Addressable Assets (Allows players to download updates in-game)
  • Account creation in-game
  • Analytics (Allowing us to track DAU and trends better)
  • Hub experience on Android and IOS
  • Surprises…

Beta Test

It is live now. Players can play eSkillz Pool on Desktop, IOS and Android. eSkillz Hub experience, including Pool and Golf, is only available on Desktop until the mid-June update.

Head over to our website and register for the beta today.


Two new members have joined us this month through the internship program. 

A talented Unity 3D and Environment Artist joined us for the summer to help shape our new in-game environments. The second hire is a Content Writer who will take control of the eSkillz blog and help us build more SEO-friendly content… He has quite the backlog.


Our community is growing steadily through the bear market and our build phase. We are happy with the community foundations and we will soon start marketing to the public. Hugo, our Community Manager, has been joining many Twitter Spaces. You may have seen him on your travels. Our first paid marketing campaigns are heavily focused on player and community acquisition. We can’t wait to meet everyone.


We have several NFT and Web3 gaming projects awaiting tournaments but in the meantime, we managed to get featured in DR/VRS race week collection and host a Perfect Potter Pool competition with the Aardena Warrior community. On top of this, we closed agreements with several strategic partners to be announced in July.


Thanks to recent funding, our marketing budget has been set for 2023, and our go-to-market strategy will kick off in July. Everyone is working hard to make this happen, and we can’t wait to share more details with you soon. Our first marketing campaign… ever… will start in July.


At the beginning of the month, we kicked off a pre-seed investment round for family and friends, which quickly raised us $80k. We then managed to raise a further $180k through some angel investors. This has significantly extended our runway and allowed us to allocate significant portions to development and marketing. For investment opportunities, contact Dean.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more.

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