eSkillz Games beta testing guidelines.

Dear eSkillz gamers, we are thrilled to announce that the eSkillz Pool beta testing program is finally here! This is to equip our community and execute the definitive improvements on the game mechanics! At eSkillz Games great plans are underway to take P2E sports gaming to a whole new level and we are going to do it together. Let’s bring on the energy and explore the BETA version and the registration procedure.

The game is available on iOS, Android and PC. All beta testers require a Metamask Wallet to connect and play. The beta test offers the following game modes: —

1] Practice

2] Arcade Mode, including: —

Speed Pool — pot as many balls as possible, in a limited time

Combo — pot as many balls in a row as possible, in a limited time

Colour — pot each ball in the corresponding coloured pocket, in a limited time In all Arcade modes, you can wager any amount you wish and have the chance to double your tokens

3] Multiplayer: —

PvP — challenge another play over the network and set a wager

AI — take on the AI player in a wagered game

Other features:-

Marketplace — Players can buy NFT cues and player cards from the marketplace.

All testing will be done in demo mode with test net funds for all beta testers. At the end of the program, all funds will be cleared out. To rule out any obscurity, no real money will be used during the beta test, everything will run in simulation mode.

All registered beta testing participants will receive a free eSkillz Pool Beta NFT. This will grant you free tokens and extra token P&E yield in the released version. There will also be a special beta only competition and tournament with huge cash prizes. Rules of the eSkillz Pool beta test: — There will be an exclusive number of participants allowed to play the game in the BETA stage — 1000 people. We would like to obtain feedback from a wide audience. eSkillz gamers are a crucial part of the project and we appreciate all the help your give us. Based on the feedback gathered, our development team will fix any issues and effect suitable modifications. All BETA Testers are to share remarks, report potential bugs, convey ideas for further development, provide feedback, and be skilled players! How To Enter the BETA TESTING program?

  1. Sign up with the form below and fill all information correctly
  2. Shortly before the beta testing launches, we will send you an email consisting of important descriptions of the test and simple instructions for testing. This email will also include information on how to access your testing account and how to give feedback.

For any more inquiries, Contact; Discord:







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