eSkillz Games Discord Invite Referral Contest.

Join the eSkillz Games discord referral contest and stand a chance to win amazing cash prizes!


  1. Join eSkillz games discord server!
  2. Go to the welcome channel
  3. Go to the verification channel and click on the tick mark to get verified
  4. Join the conversation in the general channel until you reach level 3, you will be assigned an eSkillz role. You can check your rank by typing !rank in the rank check channel.
  5. Invite 5 friends to join the discord server
  6. Be in with a chance of winning one of our amazing cash prizes

Top Most referrals-$100

One of the Top 10-$50

Two of all referrals with 5 invites or more-$50

Contest runs July 4th to July 9th

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