eSkillz Games Monthly Update.

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Here’s what’s been happening at eSkillz Games in August 2022: –


A successful month that has seen us make steady progress on several fronts. The general feeling is that while the markets are subdued, we will continue to focus on building, which means that the dates for the initial token sale and first NFT mint are being re-evaluated. We still plan on doing both this year though.


– The pool game is nearly ready for public beta. We’ve created a range of special Beta NFTs as a reward for all beta testers. They contain some secret perks which will be revealed on Twitter soon.

– The golf game is still in alpha and will ramp up once pool is released.

– We have started work on the Metaverse and currently have indoor and outdoor scenes, with an avatar that can walk around both seamlessly. The avatar can go into a pool hall, up to a pool table and start playing.

Beta Test
The eSkillz Pool beta test will begin very soon. If you’d like to participate in the beta, please head over to the Discord — and stay tuned for announcements. We’re looking for as many beta testers as possible, on PC, iOS, and Android. The beta test offers the following game modes: –

1] Practice

2] Arcade Mode — including: –

Speed Pool — pot as many balls as possible, in a limited time

Combo — pot as many balls in a row as possible, in a limited time

Colour — Pot each ball in the corresponding coloured pocket, in a limited time

In all Arcade modes, you can wager any amount you wish and have the chance to double your tokens.

3] Multiplayer: –

PvP — challenge another play over the network and set a wager

AI — take on the AI player in a wagered game

Everyone who takes part in the beta will receive a free eSkillz Pool Beta NFT. This will grant you free tokens and extra P&E yield in the released version. There will also be a special competition and tournament with cash prizes to enter.

We have hired an excellent new Unity coder called Ekrem, from Turkey. We’re looking to expand the team soon too.

The community is still growing, we’re now over 10k on Twitter and have started to grow the Instagram.

We’re now reaching out to bigger influencers, recently we were featured by Metaverse Investor –

We have signed on the dotted line for our first investment and will start spending some of the money to expand the team and increase marketing soon.

Our first mint will be players for the pool game. We’re currently re-designing them as we have decided the original 2d pixel art approach wasn’t quite right for our project.

We have been updating the Whitepaper and will release it soon on the new look website —

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