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In the first of a regular series, here’s what’s been happening at eSkillz in the past month (July 2022): –


A successful month that has seen us make steady progress on several fronts. The general feeling is that while the markets are subdued, we will continue to focus on building, meaning the dates for the initial token sale and first NFT mint are being re-evaluated.


– The pool game has been going very well, and we’re close to a public beta.

– Smart contracts are completed, and we’re now working to create our own wallet.

– We’re going to be working to allow all our NFTs to be rentable.

– The golf game is still in alpha and will ramp up once the pool is released.


We hired an amazing new artist, Aimen (see below for some of his work).

We’re hiring for a new Unity Developer to help with game development, and another Unity coder to start work on the Metaverse.


The past month has seen us make a big push in this area. The new Mod Team has done a great job, and we now have over 9k on Twitter and around 14k on Discord. They have been running games, quizzes and contests to really drive engagement, and with considerable success.

We have also opened a Telegram channel and may look at other avenues too.


We have started reaching out to high-quality small and medium YouTube influencers, and the first videos are starting to get released.


We are now actively looking for investors and have an offer for $500k.


Our first mint will be players for the pool game. We’re currently re-designing them as we have decided the original 2d pixel art approach was quite right for our project.


We have been updating the Whitepaper and will release it soon on the new look website.

Latest Roadmap

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for the next progress report in a month’s time.

Check back in a month’s time for the next report.

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