Best Sports Game Web3 Edition

Best Sports Games Web3 Edition

As the web3 gaming revolution rapidly approaches, this article presents the top 8 web3 sports games worth exploring. Each game boasts distinctive characters, lore, and communities. Moreover, you will explore how these sports games have skillfully integrated NFTs, offering unique utilities and creative competitions.

eSkillz Games Hole-In-One Championship

To celebrate The Open Championship eSkillz Games has teamed up with Bridie Golf to bring you the first eSkillz Games Hole-In-One Championship… eSkillz Games is a gaming studio that develops realistic sports focusing on skill-based wagering and player-owned digital asset economies. eSkillz Sportsverse is the first title from the eSkillz platform.

eSkillz Games June Report

June was a great month here at eSkillz. We’ve been building momentum and really enjoying it. What’s been happening at eSkillz Games: We’ve completed our insider round ahead of schedule. More information on this is written below. We are excited to announce our seed round specifics in the near future… eSkillz Games now has over…

eSkillz Games May Report

What an exciting month, here’s what has been going on at eSkillz Games this month: Overview of May May has been a great month at eSkillz, and momentum has increased in several areas. Here is a run-down. Development Over the last few months, we have recruited new devs and artists to help us achieve our…

eSkillz Games – The Hub

Today is a very special day for the eSkillz team, and we are very excited to share this news with you all. We are launching our Open Golf Beta and sharing the first glimpses of the eSkillz Hub and what the future of sports gaming will look like. So before we jump into all the exciting details, make a mental note that your avatar won’t always…